MV100 Series Mini VFD

FV100 Series VFD 

  MV100 Series Mini VFD



   Rated Voltage/Frequency:1PH/3PH AC220V,50/60Hz;3PH 380V,50/60Hz
   Voltage Range:1PH/3PH AC 170V~240V;3PH AC 330V~440V
   Voltage: 1PH, 0~220V AC; 3PH, 0~380V
   Frequency: 0.1~400.0Hz
   Control Method: Vector, V/F control
   Output Frequency Range: 0.1~400.0 Hz
   Output Frequency Accuracy: 0.1Hz


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Kinco Mini VFD: MV100 Series Small and light,compact design,easy operation
Item Description
Rated Voltage/Frequency 1PH / 3PH AC 220V 50 / 60Hz; 3PH 380V 50/60Hz
Voltage Range 1PH / 3PH AC170V~240V; 3PH AC 330V~440V
Voltage  0~220VAC; 0~380V AC
Frequency 0.1~400.0Hz
Control Method Vector Control, V/F Control
Display 4 LED display, indicator display. DIsplay the setting frequency, output frequency,
 output currenct, velocity, error and so on.
Control Characteristics  
Output Frequency Range 0.1~400.0Hz
Frequency Resoulution Digital setting: 0.1Hz.   Analog setting: Max. frequency × 0.1%
Output Frequency Accuracy 0.1Hz
V/F Control Can be set as any V/F curve to satisfy various load
Torque Control Torque boosts automatically according to the load;
 Torque boosts manually: 0.0~20% torque boost can be set
Multi-funtion Input 6 muti-function inputs can be defined as multi-speed
(15 different speed at most),
switch among 4 accelerations and decelerations,
UP/DPWM function, abrupt stop function and so on.
Multi-Funtion Output  2 muti-function outputs can be defined as indicator of operation,
zero-speed , external exception, program operation and alarm output.
Accelerations/Decelerations Time Setting The frequency can be set via analog 0~10V, 0~20mA,
operation key board, RS485 communication, UP/DOWN and so on.
Other Functions  
PID Control Internal PID control
RS485 Standard Modbus RS485 communication
Frequency Setting The frequency can be set via analog 0~10V, 0~20mA, operation key board,
 RS485 communication, UP/DOWN and so on.
Multi-Speed 6 input terminals can be difined as 15 different speeds.
Regulate Voltage
This function can be selected according to actual use.
Counter Two counters are set internally
Protection Functions  
Overload Protection Constant torque: 150%, 1 minute
Overvoltage Protection Over voltage protection level can be set
Undervoltage Protection Under voltage protection level can be set
Other Protections Overheat protection, short-circuit protection,
over current protection, parameter lock and so on
Temperature minus 10 ℃ to 40 ℃(No-freezing)
Humidity  Below 95%(No-condensing)
Altitude Under 1000m
Vibration Below 0.5G
Cooling Method Cooling with fan
Protection Class IP20
Installation Method Wall-mounted
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Kinco MV100 VFD User Manual User manual   2012-08-27
Kinco MV/EV series VFD Product catalog zip 2012-08-03
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