Field Bus overview

Field bus products

Field bus technology is one of the hottest topics in automation industry now. Kinco recognized and tracked that trend for a long time. Kinco has developed products capable of field bus communication. Kinco owns HMI, PLC and servo drivers incorporating field bus connectivity like CANopen, Profibus-DP and Ethernet. Those field Bus-Ready products can be used in many different applications.
RP2 series CANopen I/O can communicate with other CANopen devices, and it accords with the CIA 301 and CIA 302 protocol standards.This module is suitable for I/O extension application of HMI, PLC which has CANopen function, for example machine control in factory automation field  and small-scale process control.
Application Fields (Not Limited to These Applications):
Packing Machinery                         
Textile Machinery                
Building Materials Machinery       
Food Machinery                         
Plastic Machinery                            
CNC Machine
Printing Machinery                          
Central Air Conditioning         
Environmental Protection Equipment  
Single Process Control Devices